Car rental terms

  • A valid Turkish driving license and identity, passport, or valid non-Turkish driving license provided that you enter Turkey for at least six months and the passport
  • Insurance when receiving the car 1000 TL
  • The daily meter of the car is 150 km and an increase of one kilometer. 05 Turkish lira. The adjacent streets HGS
  • In the event of an extension, the company must be notified 48 hours before the delivery of the vehicle
  • If the car is returned unclean, you pay 30 pounds of the washing value
  • When returning the car, check the car completely and check all traffic violations and the streets
  •  Delivery outside the office is the European region, Ataturk Airport or the new airport 70 lira, the Asian region or Sabiha airport 200 lira
  • Please inform the company before leaving Istanbul
  • The official working hours of the company are from 9 am to 7 pm